Woman with pet dog looking at tablet

Pet tech top picks

Pet care has gone hi-tech with lots of gadgets and toys designed to make pets’ lives more pleasurable and their owners’ lives a bit easier. We list some pet technology products you might like…


Getting a new puppy can be a joy but obedience skills training and teaching them to adopt a regular routine can be tricky. That’s where the Puppr dog training app comes in handy. It gives you step-by-step video instructions and a built-in clicker to teach your pooch basic skills like, “sit”, “stay” and “fetch”. The app is free to download on iOS and Android and you have the option to buy extras like a live chat functionality with a professional dog trainer and additional dog agility lessons. Find out more on the Puppr website.

Pawfit 2 Pet Tracker

For many of us, our pets are part of the family, so if one of our beloved animals went missing it would be heart-breaking. Thankfully, dogs in the UK have to be microchipped by law and many cats are chipped now too (although it’s still not compulsory). But with pet theft on the rise, it might be worth investing in a GPS tracker so you can monitor exactly where your pet is at any time.

The Pawfit 2 Pet Tracker is fully waterproof and combines location tracking and activity monitoring. You know exactly where your pet is in real-time and it has a built-in light and speaker so you can spot them in the dark. The Pawfit Voice function also allows you to record up to five commands, which can be triggered from your mobile or smart watch, using the Paw Fit app. It’s made for collars and harnesses for pets of all shapes and sizes, from 3.5kg upwards. Available from Paw Fit.

Cat Mate C500 Automatic Pet Feeder

Pet feeders have been around for years but what’s nifty about this one is that it keeps wet food chilled, thanks to the two integrated cooling units. This battery-operated feeder has five compartments for meals and you can use the digital timer to programme four feeding times in advance. Each of the five feeding bowls can be easily removed and wiped clean or put in the dishwasher. It’s suitable for cats and small dogs. Find out more on the Ani Mate website.

Furbo Dog Camera

Leaving pets home alone even for a short period can be stressful. Will they wreck the furniture? Will they get distressed if you’re not there? Will your dog bark and annoy the neighbours? The solution: an indoor camera. There are lots of smart cameras on the market but the Furbo has been specifically designed for dog owners. It sends an alert to your smartphone when your dog barks, so you can talk to them through a speaker to calm them down. It also cleverly has storage for dog treats that you can remotely toss to keep your dog entertained while you’re out. Find out more at Furbo.

All for Paws Hyper Fetch

If you’ve got an active dog who loves a game of fetch then this is the toy for you. It’s an automatic tennis ball thrower, with three launching distances, which you can set to throw automatically or use a remote control to activate. It runs on rechargeable batteries and once the dog retrieves the ball it can return it to the thrower to play again and again. It’s available in three sizes, from mini to maxi, depending on the size of you dog. To find out more, visit the All for Paws website.

Eversweet Pet Drinking Fountain

One thing all dogs and cats need is a plentiful supply of fresh drinking water. The Eversweet Pet Drinking Fountain is a fancy water filtration system that uses sensor technology to adjust the frequency of the water fountain between day and night to avoid overfilling the bowl. The water pump is noiseless too, so you don’t need to worry about it disturbing you at any time. Available from Petkit.

Litter Robot

Cat urine isn’t the nicest smell to come home to after a busy day at work. Thankfully, there’s a solution in the form of the Litter Robot, the crème de la crème of litter boxes. Basically, it’s an automatic pet litter tray that self-cleans once your kitty does its business. It even separates the waste from the clean litter and deposits it in a carbon filter drawer, reducing the odour. Once the drawer is full you’ll receive a notification to empty it. It’s ideal if you have more than one cat because they can both use it as it leaves a clean bed of litter each time. It is a lot pricer than the other tech we’ve recommended but bearing in mind your cat will use it at least once a day it might be worth the investment. Find out more at Litter Robot.