What’s your interior decorating style?

With so many different interior design trends and influences, deciding what suits you – and your home – can pose a decorating dilemma.

Take our simple quiz to find out your ideal interior decorating style.

Where would be your dream weekend getaway?

A Contemporary lakeside spa retreat

B Laid-back getaway on a quiet Greek or Spanish island

C Eclectic boutique or rustic bolthole in the country

D An iconic grand city hotel


Describe your favourite type of bedding:

A Crisp white cotton with a high thread count

B Soft linen in muted tones with natural-weave colourful cushions

C Layer-on-layer of patterned cushions, throws and blankets

D Luxe fabrics – think satin, velvet and faux-fur throws


Think about wall treatments - other than paint! Which appeals most:

A Seasoned wood or painted tongue-and-groove cladding

B Raw plaster combined with exposed stone or brick

C Pretty floral wallpaper

D Silvery-grey wallcovering or mirrored finishes


Take it to the floor - but what appeals most?

A Real wood or painted floorboards

B Natural-weave runners on worn stone floors

C Decorative vintage rugs that have stood the test of time

D Deep plush carpets with a velvet-like tread


What's your favourite way to display flowers and botanicals?

A Single-stem blooms arranged in simple glass vases

B An abundance of leafy plants or grasses in faded terracotta urns

C Old-fashioned garden roses arranged informally in an antique container

D White scented lilies in a tall statement vase


What does your wardrobe look like?

A Pared-back items in mainly white, sand, navy or grey

B Informal, colourful pieces in natural fabrics

C Vintage styles in pretty prints and patterns

D Glam with rich fabrics and a touch of sparkle

What's your decorating style? View your quiz results:

From calming minimalist to happy eclectic, view your quiz results before planning your house decor.

Mostly A

Calming minimalist

The warm simplicity of rustic wood, pared-back furnishings and airy white space that sum up Scandinavian style instantly appeal. You also love Japanese interiors: think a slightly more polished look combining sleek, dark wood furnishings and strong accents of black or charcoal. Definitely less is more...

Mostly B

Gently boho

You love this laid-back vibe with 1970s undertones. Natural materials such as rattan, stone, basketry or live-edge wood furniture (where the knots, cracks and shape of the tree trunk are left unfinished) are informal and tactile, while colours are warm and earthy. All this is combined with lots of greenery – indoor plants are a huge trend right now, as are dried grasses and flowers.

Mostly C

Happy eclectic

The Maximalist look is a joyful and bold interior decoration style, brimming with mismatched hues and exuberant pattern, yet harnessed by a recurring colour, shape or even texture. At the other end of the scale, but still uncontrived, is homely Cottagecore style. Nostalgic and pretty, this combines Granny’s old furniture with whimsical patterns and quaint finishing touches. Home has never been more sweet!

Mostly D

Timeless elegance

Think a monochrome palette highlighted with metallics and rich jewel or powder-soft accents, then add luxury materials and statement finishes... from huge mirrors to sparkling chandeliers. This interior design look is timeless, and easily inspired by classic Hollywood movies, Art Deco and glamorous old-school hotels. Live the dream!

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