7 things you’d want to do before inviting Mary Berry for tea

7 things you’d want to do before inviting Mary Berry for tea

By some culinary twist of good fortune, Mary Berry is on her way to yours for tea. 

You’ve vacuumed, packed the kids off to friends and put the cat out, so you’re free to ask Britain’s best loved baking guru for her hottest baking tips. But how will you get her in the mood to spill the borlotti beans? Here are some of the ways you could REALLY impress her…

1. Get some flower power
Mary’s love of floral fashions has had a massive impact on the clothing industry. Her collection of brightly coloured jackets has inspired so many viewers that, within days of appearing on The Great British Bake off, retail outlets experience a ‘Berry jacket’ sell-out.

While you might come across as a bit weird if you greet Mary at the door wearing one of her signature floral bomber jackets, a subtler approach would be to infuse your furnishings with the same sense of botanical style.

Perhaps cover your sofa in a vibrant blossom throw or purchase some and cushion covers featuring the art of Frida Kahlo.

2. Keep it simple
Despite her penchant for baking delectable cream-filled desserts, Mary’s own tastes are a bit simpler. She normally has Marmite on toast and has said her last meal would be asparagus and pasta or potted shrimp on toast. (Check out Ms Marmite Lover toasting her marmite sandwich on an AGA – Mary would love it!)
She’s also said her favourite restaurant is Pizza Express. Oh, Mary…

3. Check your oven is up to scratch
Mary’s first ever job was working in a showroom displaying electric ovens. She’s still an oven aficionado and writes all of AGA’s cookbooks. 

Not just that, but when breaking in a new oven, she bakes a Victoria sponge to check it’s working as it should. 

4. Line up your cookbooks 
And she’s not just about the cakes. Mary has published over 70 cookbooks containing a huge variety of recipes, including One-Pot Cooking and Cooking with Cheese. Why not make sure they are front and centre on your kitchen book shelf when she comes to visit?

She’s also got four different types of salad dressing and three varieties of chutney on sale at Waitrose.

5. Don’t be afraid to cut corners
While Mary doesn’t believe that people are too busy to cook properly, she’s all for cheating to save time. “Why spend hours making flaky pastry when you can buy it ready made,” she said in an interview with The Yorkshire Post.

6. Make Berry your china girl
Mary has also launched a range of kitchen products and gifts with Sainsbury’s and John Lewis. So if your crockery has seen better days, then why not get some designed bowls, jugs, cake stands, boards and mugs? Not that we’re super fans, or anything.

7. Be prepared for it being a late one…
She may have recently turned 80, but don’t think that Mary will want to turn in early. Only a few years ago, she hit the clubs in Ibiza for a friend’s birthday, including one of the island’s super clubs Pacha!

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We love Mary Berry, but she doesn’t endorse Together Mutual Insurance or its products.