Best Winter home accessories ideas of 2015

Best winter home accessories ideas of 2015

1. Freshly fallen snow

Choose a space on a sideboard, dresser or windowsill (this idea works particularly well against the backdrop of a dark night sky) and create a display that echoes the sparkle of freshly fallen snow. Browse charity and discount outlets for crisp white accessories, ornaments and crockery – mismatched styles and sizes will make for an eclectic statement, as long as every item is snowy in tone. Artfully place silver items such as baubles, metallic-painted leaves and even costume jewellery around your collection of items and drape strings of white fairy lights to complete the winter look – we love these snowball ones from

Fairy lights

2. Winter trees

Create a forest of minimalist winter trees around your home by filling clear glass vases with salt and planting with bare, dark twigs. Try arranging a few in a line on a dresser or windowsill to create a striking, wintry effect. Click here for more winter décor ideas.



3. Iced branches

Your guests will wonder how the magic happened, but it’s simple when you know how. You’ll need Tacky Craft Glue, a 450g bag of Colorfill Diamond Vase Filler and German Glass Glitter (all available from, a tree branch and paper to cover the work area. Start by pouring a pile of Colorfill Diamonds and Glass Glitter in the centre of the paper, spread Tacky Glue on the branches, place the branch on the paper, folding it slightly at the edges, then roll the branch in it. Let it dry for 45 minutes and repeat the whole process with the opposite side of the branch. Voila! Check out this step-by-step tutorial at Hyphen Interiors.

Glittery twigs


4. Fir cone necklaces

This charming idea from The Art of Doing Stuff can be given the winter bling treatment by dipping pinecones in glue then glitter before attaching to the twine or ribbon.

Jug with pine cones


5. Festive glow

No centrepiece for your table? Try this from Interior Designing Blog. Turn a wine glass over and place on a pile of shiny baubles, chocolate coins or holly leaves and pop a tea light on the base. Light it to create a glowing, glittery table display. Ta dah!

Glass candle holders


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