Clever Gadgets

Clever Gadgets

The bill payer in the household is the first to see where money is being wasted. Taps dripping, lights left shining, TV on standby – many homes are nothing short of an environmental nightmare, and getting other household members on board and enthusiastic about saving energy (and money) can be difficult.

Sometimes, a simple gadget could be the thing that creates awareness of household energy wastage. Though this list is by no means complete, here you'll find a good starting point for additional items that could be brought into your home, and save you a good wedge of money.

Eco-friendly Kettles  

We all love a good cup of tea – we are in Britain after all. However, when you consider the amount of energy boiling a full kettle takes, it's enough to put you off your brew. The Eco Kettle looks fairly standard, but has an extra setting which allows you to only boil the amount of water that you need, be it one, two or more mugs. According to their site, only boiling the amount of water you need could save 90 seconds of energy use – over one week that's the equivalent of 26 hours of television usage.

Eco Shower Heads  

Replacing your shower head for a more eco-friendly one is not a new notion. These shower heads typically reduce water temperature and flow, resulting in a disappointing shower. Pulse Eco Shower works to keep your water flow constant and warm. It saves water and energy by emitting large droplets of water in a pulse-like motion. As you're only using the amount of water that you need, you could save on your water bill while also helping the environment.

Shower Timers  

Saving time and money in the bathroom could be as simple as reducing the time you and your family spend in the shower. Though an incredibly simple suggestion, ShowerBoB's shower timers are a low-cost way of visualising the amount of time you're showering.

Radiator Boosters  

Costing around 30p to run a year, the Radiator BOOster sits atop of your heater, and directs and recirculates the warm air back into the room. This eradicates wasted heat that goes into the walls or straight up to the ceiling, and makes the most out of the heat that you're paying to generate. According to Radiator BOOster, this efficiency could save you around £140 a year on your heating bills.

Standby Sockets  

One constant drain on the electric meter are the devices that seem to live on standby. Many modern TVs, laptops and games consoles rely on standby for ease of consumer use, but this could be costing you more than you realise. One answer to this problem is the implementation of standby sockets like SAVASOCKET. This is programmable with your existing TV remote, and can turn off sockets to reduce the amount of energy wasted on standby modes, and it also elongates the life of your devices too. SAVASOCKET suggests that you can save £85 a year with a standby socket.