Don’t stay indoors this half term – give your nest a rest!

Don’t stay indoors this half term – give your nest a rest!

If you’d like to escape your home with the children for a few hours, here are three great places to start:

  1. For some family fun in the forest take your bikes (or hire bikes) to cycle in search of the Gruffalo or birds and wildlife! Then try a tree top walk or see how many puddles you can find to splash in.
  2. Visit your local Wood and be inspired by the Woodland Trust’s Nature Detective activity sheets – we like the idea of helping your children to build a giant nest for them and their friends. The Woodland Trust are also giving away free seed packs at the moment, so you and your children can help the trust in their ambition to plant 64 million trees by 2025.
  3. Get involved in the National Trust’s 50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾ - it includes a variety of activities across the country for your children, including growing vegetables and other edible plants, welly walks, deciding whether to choose the naughty path or the path of goodies, campfire cooking and geo-caching, to name just a few!

If you’d rather stay at home, why not get out in the garden? You could:

  1. Build a tent or den in the garden and have a picnic lunch in it! For tips on how to build a den in your garden check out these tips from the Eden Project. 
  2. Create a scavenger hunt in the garden – find something smooth, something rough, something beautiful, something noisy – Pinterest can provide some great inspiration to get you started.
  3. Make and decorate a bird box – depending on how handy you are you can either, build a box from scratch - the British Trust for ornithology provides some great instructions for building a nest box or, if you’re feeling less adventurous you can buy a nest box kit from your local garden centre ready for little hands to get straight on with the fun part - decorating their feathered friends new home. And then it’s time to find the best place to locate your nest box.

We hope you have an amazing Half Term and enjoy the rest of National Nest Box Week!

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