House Insurance Guides

House Insurance Guides

Homes invaded by flood water, falling trees downing power lines and causing power cuts, families left without heating for days on end… every year, winter likes to make the headlines. But, do you think it could ever happen to you? And, if you suddenly found yourself the victim of a winter weather disaster, would you know what to do? 

The best advice, of course, is to be prepared. That’s why we’ve put together some handy-to-have guides, which contain the most essential information, all in one place. You can download them, print them out and share them with your friends and family. So, if winter decides to try it on with you and yours this year, you’ll be ready for it… 

Whatever your winter woe, we have the right guide for you >> 

Is my boiler on the verge of a breakdown?   

Two thirds of people who’ve bought a boiler since April 2005 have experienced some kind of fault, according to Which?. Anything from a malfunctioning pressure gauge to an outside pipe freezing can stop your boiler from working. Find out more>>  

Do I need to worry if my pipes freeze?   

Frozen pipes can burst, leading to severe water damage in your home. At the height of the 2010 cold spell, insurers dealt with 3,500 claims for burst pipe damage every day, and the typical cost of repair was an average of £7,000 per household. Find out more>>  

We’ve never been flooded, why do we need to be prepared?   

Flooding can occur from groundwater and surface water, not just rivers and lakes, so you may be at risk even if you don’t live near water. Last year’s floods generated a massive 17,500 flood claims in just three months, and insurers paid out an estimated £446 million in claims. That’s why every home should have a flood plan. Find out more>>   

How much damage can a storm really do?   

In October last year, the ‘St Jude’s Day Storm’ struck the south of England with hurricane force winds. Hundreds of trees were blown down and more than 660,000 homes were left without power. Around 105,000 claims were made to insurers who paid out in excess of £130 million to people whose properties were damaged. Find out more>>  

We could survive a power cut, couldn’t we? 

Last December, over 50,000 homes in the UK were left without power, meaning many families had to endure a cold, dark, hungry Christmas. A power cut may seem like a simple case of lighting some candles, but if you have a freezer packed with your monthly shop of food that’s starting to defrost, or medical equipment that depends on electricity, suddenly it becomes much more of an issue. Find out more>>  

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