How much are your 90s toys worth?

How much are your 90s toys worth?

While it feels like they just fill up space, they could be more valuable than you think. When you’re totting up your contents insurance cover, keep an eye out for these common treasures masquerading as everyday toys.


Remember the electronic-pocket pets? In 1997, you’d have paid around £12 to own one of these little critters, but today (depending on the model) your pocket pal could be worth upwards of £80. If you have a Digimon Tamagotchi, quids in – these are worth around £192.

Beany Babies

These button-eyed plush companions became must-have collectables in 1995. If you’re the proud owner of a mint condition Peanut the Elephant, he could be worth more than £3,580. Mystic the Unicorn is also worth a pretty penny, between £20 and £50. 

Nintendo 64 cartridge collections 

The retro-gaming marketplace is a busy one and a full collection of games could be worth an absolute fortune. Check out the marketplace ‘new’ prices in this list. Raid your collection for Mario Cart – some varieties of the game can be worth as much as £140 - and Battlezone: Rise of the Black Dogs, that little cartridge could be worth upwards of £123! Make sure each cartridge is itemised in your contents inventory (here’s a handy guide for collating a watertight list for all your treasured possessions).