How much is the contents of your handbag worth?

How much is the contents of your handbag worth? (Part 1)

You might not think the handbag that you bought three years ago is worth very much, but the contents inside it could be worth a lot more than you think.

That’s according to recent research from retail outlet McArthur Glen, which found that women carry in their handbag contents worth an average cost of £512 – with some women toting around contents worth the same as a small car – a staggering £3,144. Gadgets and accessories rack up most of the cost – the nationwide survey listed:

  • tablets (£200)
  • mobile phones (£151); and
  • e-readers (£77.50) as the most expensive items.

Other items include:

  • make up (£25.50)
  • jewellery (£25); and
  • purse cash (£20)

“Women are carrying their lives in their handbags,” said Shaeren McKenzie, group marketing director of McArthur Glen Designer Outlets. “The handbag has always been seen as the staple of a women’s wardrobe, and it’s no surprise to see that its status has risen to an essential item that women cannot live without”.

Yet despite carrying around a small fortune, most women don’t have insurance that covers the valuables in their handbag. Research from Topcashback revealed that just under a third (29%) of women surveyed have taken out separate insurance on their smartphone, while just 8% have insured their tablet and a mere 1% of women have a policy for their e-reader.

“Our research serves a warning that women are unsure about whether these items are insured and risk an expensive repay-out should their handbag be lost or stolen,” said Natasha Rachel Smith, consumer affairs editor for TopCashback.

Researching this article, we found lots of other interesting stats about women and their handbag habits. Like the fact that more than a third of women refuse to the leave the house without chocolate in their handbags or that one in five Welsh women would prefer to have a stranger use their toothbrush than have them sneak a peek in their handbag.

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