How now is your home? Give it a revamp with these red hot décor trends

How now is your home? Give it a revamp with these red hot décor trends

Retro Living Room 

1. Everything’s groovy  

Channelling Biba, Pucci and Quant, bold prints and eye-popping colours from the 60s have been the talking point of haute couture collections on the catwalk this spring – so why not add a hot and funky retro theme to your home? Key colours are olive and orange, just look at this gorgeous Manhattan apartment with olive accents for the full effect. So, why not paint a feature wall, add a vibrant shaggy rug, cushions with stylised flower shapes or geometric prints, an op art poster and a lava lamp? Your res is as des as they come, man…

Picture credit: Living4Media  


 Botanical Print Together Home Decor Trends 

2. The Secret garden 

Leaf, floral and insect patterns are currently featuring on everything from sofas to wall hangings. Create your own indoor garden sanctuary with moss-green velvety throws, botanical prints, stone vases stuffed with twigs, straw baskets brimming with tulips and cushions buzzing with bees and dragonflies. For more inspiration visit Apartment Apothecary’s styling the seasons post. 

Picture credit: Loupe Media 


Mural Wallpaper Together Decor Trends 

3. Wallpaper as art 

Wallpaper has come a long way since woodchip and the ‘so hot it’s scorching’ trend of the moment is wallpaper as art. At the forefront are contemporary painters, including Russian artist Ekaterina Panikanova and Dutch artist ArthurSlenk as showcased at Decor8. Closer to home, bespoke wallpaper company Mural's Wallpaper integrates ‘great art, design and photography’ to create statement wallpaper on any theme you want, from huge florals to old style maps, and recreations of famous artworks by Van Gogh, Klimt and even Banksy.

Picture credit: Mural's Wallpaper


With just a few of these stylistic tricks, you can rejuvenate your home for 2015! Together are campaigning to keep your possessions protected, whether your style is Scandinavian chic or an eclectic and beautiful, so keep an eye out for more decor tips coming soon...