Knock, knock ... who’s there?

What's in a colour?

The psychology of colour has long been discussed and recorded in relation to mood and character. So why not apply the same findings to your front door? It’s the first thing people see when they visit and can give an uncanny insight into the personality of those living inside.

Green is the most popular colour of front door in the UK and, according to colour psychology, it says “I’m a traditional kind of person who enjoys a spirit of community”. Bilbo and Frodo Baggins’ round front door was painted green and so was Shakin' Stevens famous one that we all wanted to get ‘behind’. The first was the start of an adventure to save the world from evil, the second the place for a great party. Both pretty community-spirited pursuits in their own way!

Downing Street

Yellow is a colour for an inquisitive mind and a humorous disposition. You won’t find a very traditional person behind this door, and they may well be a bit bossy. Black is the opposite of yellow (not surprisingly) and often shields a consistent, conservative type, possibly a bit serious. Number 10 Downing Street used to have a door made of black oak but, after an IRA mortar attack in 1991, it now has a door made from reinforced steel (painted black) that takes eight men to lift. It can also only be opened from the inside and therefore has no keyhole.

A light blue door says “I’m pretty happy with who I am and equally happy to welcome you in”. Blue is the second most popular colour after green. But, be aware, as the blue hue gets darker the message becomes less welcoming and more a sign of wanting to retreat from the world.

Be Bold

Red is always a bold statement that indicates the inhabitant is not afraid to speak their mind, while brown can convey warmth and stability.

Purple reveals its owner to be free-spirited and not afraid to take risks, and, in a similar way, if you have a pink door you’re certainly someone who thinks a bit differently. If you favour white on the outside door of your home, you aim for things to be neat and tidy on the inside (even if that’s not always the case).

So, beware the ‘welcoming’ light blue door if you like your privacy and if you’re thinking black you may need to brush up on your intellectual conversation or get a job in government!