New and nifty home security gadgets you need to know about

New and nifty home security gadgets you need to know about…


1. Siren Padlock – £7.95

Not all padlocks are created equal. This one, with its 2mm thick steel body and in-built siren, provides extra defence for sheds, garages and cycles. Sturdy enough to resist many attacks, if it’s touched, moved or knocked, an alarm will sound to give the perpetrator a sonic scare and put him right off his criminal activities.


2. Imitation Security Camera – £15

From speed cameras to CCTV warning stickers, the very notion that you’re being watched or recorded is a powerful deterrent against wrongdoing. Security experts SpyCatcherOnline say: “It is a fact that 94% of burglars would avoid a house with a monitored alarm or CCTV system**.” While a proper CCTV system could set you back thousands, this sham cam looks like the real deal. A movement sensor makes a red LED start flashing and causes the camera to pan from side to side to create the illusion that is linked to a control room. An unwanted intruder, believing you have a surveillance system in place, will be more likely to scarper.

Fake TV
3. FakeTV - £24.95

The first rule of home security is making your house look occupied and, straight from the States, comes an ingenious little gadget that does just that. FakeTV, which turns on automatically at dusk, accurately simulates the light output of a real television, including the effect of scene changes, fades, flickers, on-screen motion, and colour changes. To an opportunist robber strolling past, it looks like you’re inside watching your widescreen, when you’ve actually jetted off to Jersey for the weekend. Take that thieves!

Dog barker

4. Barking Dog Alarm - £39.99

Dogs are one of the most effective forms of security but if you don’t have one, there’s now a way you can harness the burglar-busting power of a dog bark. The Barking Dog Alarm has a 360-degree detector that even senses through walls, sounding a ferocious bark when triggered. OK, so this gadget’s bark is, quite literally, worse than its bite, but a have-a-go housebreaker doesn’t know that…

Mat on Guard

5. Mat-On-Guard Pressure Door Mat - £42.50

Featured on Channel 5’s The Gadget Show, the Mat-On-Guard Pressure Door Mat has a built in sensor that sends a wireless signal to a chime unit whenever someone steps on it. Ideal for people who like or need to leave their door open, or for anyone who wants to be aware of the presence of those guests that have been invited, and those that have not…

Make sure your protecting all your valuables – even the ones that you don’t know about! 

*Prices correct at time of publication.
** Source: ADT – UK’s leading provider of electronic fire and security solutions

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