Our Pricing Strategy - from January 2022

Following a review of the General Insurance market, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) implemented new requirements for pricing practices which come into effect on 1st January 2022.  This article highlights the changes we have made and how this will affect our members.


What are the changes?

The FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) conducted a review into the General Insurance market and from 1st January 2022 a number of new rules will come into force for the providers of home insurance. We believe these are positive changes for the consumer

The main changes introduced are listed below;

  • Existing or renewing members must receive the same price as new members (ENBP equivalent new business price).
  • Auto-renewal must be clearly signposted and policyholders must be able to easily opt-out of auto-renewal.
  • Policyholders must be able to cancel their policy via the channel they purchased their cover.


How can I opt out of auto renewal or cancel my policy?

You will be clearly informed when you first take a policy out with us as well as at the time of your renewal, if your policy is set to auto-renew. Providing your circumstances don’t change, you can rest assured your renewal rate will be the same as if you called in for a new quote.

We have given our members even more ways to manage their policy with the introduction of our Manage my policy page which enables you to update your marketing preferences, cancel your policy, or opt out of auto-renewal at any time during your policy.  You can still call us on 01438 761 670 or email customer services at as well.


Will my premium change?

All of our premiums are calculated on your individual circumstances, this will not change under the new rules however, some members may see their renewal premium change due to the introduction of the ENBP.

Please note there are many elements to our pricing strategy and a number of factors such as flood risk, re-build costs, optional cover you have chosen to add etc, and this will also impact the overall cost of our home insurance.

Please note, if you are a new or existing member, you will receive the same rate whether we are providing you with a quote for the first time or sending you a renewal invitation.

Our 10% online discount still applies to everyone throughout the life of their policy – this is not an introductory offer.


How will this affect my quote?

Our prices are always under review and are updated regularly, these may change between when we issue a quote and you making a purchase if there is a delay. Once you have purchased a policy with us your price will not change until your renewal is due or if you make any changes during the policy term.


Not everything has changed . . . .

  • We still remain a mutual and don’t have any shareholders to answer to
  • We remain committed to offering affordable cover and personal customer service to protect your home
  • We are still based in the UK (Stevenage in Hertfordshire to be precise)
  • You can still pay in 10 monthly instalments without incurring any interest charges


We’d love to hear from you if your property or your needs have changed to ensure our cover continues to meet your needs at any time during your policy.