Safehouse: Home security has gone hi-tech

Safehouse: Home security has gone hi-tech

As home security systems have become more sophisticated, so have criminals. The age-old home security routine of locking the doors and windows and putting on the burglar alarm simply doesn’t cut it anymore, that’s why it’s time for you to up your home security game.

Forget standard home alarms, motion-activated lights and timer switches, you can make your home a 21st century safehouse using the latest domestic security technology, including biometric locks and 24/7 remote surveillance.

//Up close and personal//
We’ve all seen biometric locks in the movies, but today you don’t have to be a superspy to have one. They can be bought from the likes of iEvo, and enable access to your home using only your fingerprints. If that’s still not secure enough for you, then integrated keypads can add an extra layer of security by requesting either a keycard or a PIN. Other systems go even further, such as FaceStationwhich uses a facial recognition terminal to permit access to your home. At least you’ll never have to worry about losing your keys…

//Security in the palm of your hand//
The abilities of smartphones continues to exceed expectations and, thanks to systems like Belkin’s WeMo Switch, you can control your home’s lights, heating, TV, radio and other appliances while you’re out and about. Place some WiFi activated spy cameras in strategic positions and you’ll be able to use apps, such as Presence and People Power, to remotely monitor your home when you’re not there.

//Should the worst happen…//
If a determined thief manages to overcome all these security barriers, you can use technology to track items they’ve stolen. GPS software can be installed onto laptops, while high-value items can be tagged with tiny trackers, such as those made by Fly on the Wall, which can help the police to locate your stolen property and maybe even nab the perpetrator. 

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