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sri lanka statement

Please see below, for a statement from our Travel Insurance provider in relation to the recent events in Sri Lanka:

If you are already in Sri Lanka, we'll cover any flight amendment fee to move your original return flight to an earlier date.

If you book separate flights, these may not be covered unless you have opted for option travel disruption cover. You should also attempt to obtain a refund from the airline you were originally due to fly with.

Please note that if you decide to stay in Sri Lanka, against the FCO advice, you will not be covered under our terms and conditions after a grace period considered enough to organise your arrangements back home.

For claims regarding any unused expenses or if you were due to travel to Sri Lanka and your trip was booked and your policy was purchased prior to 21st April 2019, you'd need to check the valid reasons covered for cancellation and coming home early (curtailment) under your policy. Not all of our policies cover this as standard. If you have opted for our optional travel disruption cover, you should be able to claim some of your losses from us.

If you purchased your policy, booked your trip or departed the UK from 24th April onwards, there is no cover under your policy.

If you're unsure, you should act as if you are not covered and then submit a claim to us for consideration under your applicable terms and conditions.