Valuing stuff from the 80's precious loot or car boot

Valuing stuff from the 80s precious loot or car boot

The décor
Was it really ‘the decade that taste forgot’? Some key motifs of the 80s look bang up to date, such as the paintbox colours, geometric motifs and blocky shapes of the original Memphis-Milano look, so hold on to your chunky, glass-topped coffee table – they’re hot right now! Big metal beds were all the rage throughout the 80s and are also making a comeback, while the techno tracked lighting of the era has iconic appeal for some. However, if you can’t bear to live with your flame stitch, pastel pink or vintage floral furnishings ever again, load up the car boot box now…         

The music         
The music        
Forget Wham and Adam Ant, what rarities are lurking in your record collection? Currently, highly-desirable vinyl includes anything by 80s New Wave band TalkTalk. As ever, the vinyl condition is crucial. But if you were someone who handled your albums like glass and never took them to parties, they could be worth a mint now. And, surprise, surprise – in a world where we can stream tunes to our smartphone in seconds, prices for old-school ghetto blasters are starting to rise.        
The fashion        
From the ‘Pirate’ look to the puffball skirt and statement t-shirt, original designer pieces from the likes of Vivienne Westwood, Katharine Hamnett or Thierry Mugler are rising in value and are worth hanging on to. Leather goods by classic fashion houses have a timeless style and are already highly collectible. Earlier this year a fuchsia crocodile skin Birkin bag, designed in 1984 by Hermès, became the world’s most expensive handbag after selling for £150,000. On the other hand, the only place where those decade-defining shoulder pads, leg warmers and white tasselled boots will be welcome is your next 80s-themed party night.        
The toys                 
The toys        
Warm and fuzzy memories of the toys we had (or craved) as children are driving up the prices for 80s play favourites, particularly original Star Wars figures, Polly Pocket sets and Care Bears. In 2013, a vinyl-cloaked Jawa figure – the ‘holy grail’ for Star Wars collectors – sold for £10,200. Original Polly Pockets could be worth up to £255, but even a pristine condition Cabbage Patch Kid which cost £30 in 1984 wouldn’t sell for much more than that now. And don’t bank on that ‘Special Edition’ Barbie being worth a fortune either – unfortunately, the market is flooded.        
The tech        
Sports jerseys, game balls and football programmes are potentially gold-dust if they’re from the right game or signed by the right sporting hero. Even a Panini sticker album could be worth £80-£100.        
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