Watch out for your phone or Camera

Watch out for your phone or Camera

“When I lost my smartphone, I didn’t just lose my favourite gadget – some lovely photographs of our kids building a snowman also went forever.”

Buying a new piece of technology is easy, but losing it can be just as easy.  As longer days and hopefully some sunshine arrives, the chances of losing expensive items inevitably increase.

Cameras, smartphones, tablets and mp3 players are going to be out and about more now, making the chances of losing them, dropping them or having them stolen much higher.

It’s reported that every year, some 300,000 mobile phones are reported as stolen in the UK, for example.

TIP: Add those gadgets you take out and about with you as specified items on your policy. One call to your home insurer will do the job.

Sadly, there are some things you just can’t replace if you lose or damage one of your gadgets – like the data that’s stored on them.

TIP: Back up the precious contents on your gadgets, by downloading them onto your home computer or putting them on an external hard disk drive. They’re inexpensive these days, and very simple to use. Just remember to do it every time you have something you want to save.

So don’t let the joys of spring distract you from taking care of your gadgets – make sure your home insurance covers your hardware and, back up your content!