What did you forget in your contents insurance cover?

What did you forget in your contents insurance cover?

If you could tip your house upside down and shake it, everything that tumbled out should be covered in your contents insurance. So, what sneaky items might you miss?



The shaking method applies to the garden, too. Patio furniture and sculptures (from cheeky gnomes, to a water feature Aphrodite), not forgetting shrubs, trees and plants can all be covered. According to research, £1,200-worth of items can be found in the garage and garden – a costly oversight if a green-fingered burglar hopped over the fence, or if lightening strikes and causes damage!



DIY aficionados, cool campers and sports sensations, listen-up! Your kits and collections are an investment, so why shouldn’t they be covered in your policy? You could include fishing rods, tennis rackets and pop-up or large tents, not to mention the more serious items, such as garden-taming strimmers and maybe even a chainsaw! 



If you’re like most UK families, you spend around £155 on the weekly shop, and much of that may go straight into the freezer. If there’s a power cut, for example, you could quite figuratively see the money defrosting before your eyes. 

If you’re looking for more information about what is and isn't covered in your contents insurance, we have a helpful guide to walk you through the details. Click here here to read more!