What level of contents insurance will help you rest easy?

What level of contents insurance will help you rest easy?

When you think about contents insurance, it’s always the big or expensive items that spring to mind, such as your engagement ring, the huge plasma screen TV you bought last summer or perhaps your son’s laptop. But your insurance policy should protect all of your belongings, large and small.

It’s important to know that not all contents insurance policies are created equal, so you should shop around until you find one that suits your needs. Most polices come with contents and excess as standard but if you require cover for accidental damage or in case of emergency, you may want to consider a premium policy to give you peace of mind you have covered all eventualities.

As well as the more obvious items, a premium policy will also cover your carpets, curtains, garden furniture – even the boiler! While you may not think many of your items are worth that much, it all adds up to quite a sizeable sum, and there are a number of tricks you can use to find the true value of your possessions.

So if you’re looking for the type of contents insurance that helps you rest easy, make sure you find a policy that starts cover from £75,000 and that it ticks off a number of other factors, such as items being lost outside the home. Read through our guide to insuring your home furnishings for a full list of what your policy should include to fully protect your home’s prized possessions.