When should I add extras to my Contents Insurance Policy?

When should I add extras to my contents insurance policy?

As we explained in our guide to insuring home furnishings, your basic policy should cover everything in your home, which means finding a policy that will start cover at £75,000. There are a number of other scenarios you should look out for in your policy document, too. For example, does your policy take into account any wear and tear of your items if you claim, or what happens if you lose something on holiday or even on the bus.

Once you’re clear on your basic policy, it’s time to start thinking about the additional extras that you could include. Here’s a checklist of some of the options to consider:

• Personal Possessions and Accidental Damage cover: you’ll need to opt in to this to make sure you’re covered for accidental damage and loss. 

• Extremely valuable items: these may need to be included in a separate policy.

• Time of year: the arrival of hi-tech Christmas and birthday presents may mean you need to update your policy so that everything’s covered. 

• Special circumstances: hopefully this never happens, but make sure your policy covers you in a scenario that your contents are vandalised or damaged by a leak. 

• Other people’s property: should you accidentally damage someone else’s prized possessions, your own policy could help you cover that. 

Covering yourself with the extras will give you a watertight contents insurance policy so that you can have peace of mind.