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The homeowner’s guide to surviving school holidays

1. The homeowner’s guide to surviving school holidays

Claims for accidental damage soar during school holidays – we’ve all seen what happens to walls and sofas when there’s a small person with a felt-tip pen on the loose! So, what can you do to protect your home? Here’s a guide to the real cost of accidental damage, what it costs to put it right, prevention tips and some valuable rescue remedies.
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The homeowner’s guide to surviving school holidays

2. A guide to insuring your home furnishings and treasured possessions

Your home is a sacred space and when you look closely, every object has a story to tell. From the worn-in armchair, to the elaborate vase, your possessions paint a picture of your life. For example, the living room might reveal your penchant for globetrotting, while the bed linen is a testament to your sewing skills.
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