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Want to know more about cover levels, claims or how to reduce your premiums? Our guides will help you.

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1. Tips on reducing your insurance premiums

At Together Mutual Insurance, we want to give you the best rates possible but also make sure that you don’t end up under-insured. So how do you keep your premiums low without having to compromise on getting the best cover?

Lower your premiums by opting for a voluntary excess

Depending on how much voluntary excess you are prepared to add, this can reduce your annual premiums considerably. Just remember, if you ever have to make an insurance claim, you will be responsible for the standard excess but also for any voluntary excess you choose on top of this. For example, if your voluntary excess is £200, you would pay the first £300 of any claim*.

Pay by direct debit

You can spread the cost of your premium over 10 months by paying via direct debit, meaning you can manage and budget more effectively. Also we don't charge you any extra for this convenience, which other insurance companies do.


* There is also an additional excess for escape of water and subsidence claims.



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