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11. Understanding Together Contents Insurance

Contents Insurance is best understood as the cover and protection you get for everything that turns your house into a home. Think of it as covering everything you would take with you if you were to move home.

What’s covered by Together’s Contents Insurance?

Our standard Contents Insurance includes:

  • home computer, home office and home entertainment equipment
  • furniture, furnishings and household goods
  • valuables and clothing
  • accidental breakage of mirrors and glass
  • replacing and fixing door locks after keys have been stolen
  • contents left in the garden
  • shrubs, plants and trees
  • personal belongings in the home, including those of visitors (£500 limit for visitors).

Working out how much it would cost to replace or repair your belongings can be complicated and time-consuming, which is why we offer up to £75,000 on our Premier Contents Policy.

A little added peace of mind

It’s possible to upgrade your standard policy to include:

  • accidental damage
  • cover away from your property, including when travelling abroad
  • cover for sports and camping equipment
  • cover for bicycles away from the home (up to £300 each, maximum of five).





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