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We’ve put together some tips on what to do should you have an accident or water incident of your own – as well as lots more to help keep your home in tip-top condition.

Frozen Pipes

Winter has your house in its grip, covering everything in ice and snow. But what do you do if this deep freeze means that water stops coming out of your taps?

1. Check pipe to identify the blockage

If you have visible piping, you may be able to find the frozen point yourself. Is there any visual evidence of freezing, damage or leakage along the pipes? If not, you can use your hands to feel along the pipes until you find a part that is colder than the rest.

2. Turn off the stop tap and the stopcock

The stop tap is normally found under your kitchen sink or possibly where the main service pipe connects to your home. The stopcock will be in your cold-water tank, which is usually in the loft.

3. Protect everything around the freeze

Be sure to protect all your possessions around the frozen point just in case it bursts.

4. Use a hair dryer on low setting

Starting at the tap end and working backwards to the cold-water tank, carefully thaw the pipe. If you don’t have a hairdryer, hot water bottles or heat packs will work, but NEVER use a naked flame or a heat gun, as this could damage the pipes.

5. Make sure a tap is on

Recheck the pipe then run the cold tap that’s closest to the frozen part of the pipe. This allows the water to flow away once melted.

6. Let the water run for a minute

Once you've thawed your pipes, turn your stop tap and stopcock back on and run the water until a normal flow is restored.

7. Insulate that section of pipe

This should ensure that you won’t have to worry about it freezing again.



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