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We’ve put together some tips on what to do should you have an accident or water incident of your own – as well as lots more to help keep your home in tip-top condition.

Leaking Tap

Nothing is more annoying than the constant drip of a tap, be it in the bathroom or the kitchen. Fortunately, though, they can be a real doddle to fix, as it’s normally just a washer that needs replacing.

1. Turn off the water

Locate the stop tap and turn off the water. The stop tap is normally found under the kitchen sink or where the main service pipe enters your home. Make sure the tap is turned fully on to release any trapped water in the pipe and then put the plug in the plughole (this is to stop you losing any bits of the tap later on).

2. Remove the headgear

Take the top of the tap and then remove or loosen the retaining screw, releasing the spindle. Use a spanner to undo the headgear nut, being careful not to force it, as it may cause damage to the pipes. If it is tight, apply WD40 or, alternatively, blow with a hair dryer for a few minutes to expand the metal.

3. The washer

Once the headgear is out, carefully prise the washer off with a screwdriver. Push the new washer into place and screw the headgear back onto the tap, being sure not to over-tighten.

If all else fails, contact a professional plumber.




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