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We’ve put together some tips on what to do should you have an accident or water incident of your own – as well as lots more to help keep your home in tip-top condition.

No Hot Water

We’ve all been there. After a hard day at work, all you want is a hot shower or a long soak in a steaming bath. But what’s this, no hot water? You've checked the immersion but still nothing. What are you to do?

1. Check the boiler

The first port of call if this happens is the boiler. Check to make sure it’s functioning properly and the flame is lit.

2. Look for the temperature reset switch

If the boiler seems to be working fine, look for the temperature reset switch. If the water has become too hot due to a failed thermostat, the temperature reset switch will pop out, shutting off the electricity to the heating element and stopping your hot water. If this is the case, you just need to press the switch to reset the high-limit temperature switch.

3. Lower boiler temperature setting

Lowering the boiler temperature setting may resolve the issue.

4. If the problem persists, call a heating specialist

If the reset switch pops back out, it’s likely you’ll need a specialist to get your water piping hot once again.





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