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We’ve put together some tips on what to do should you have an accident or water incident of your own – as well as lots more to help keep your home in tip-top condition.

Overflowing Gutter

You might want to avoid this if you are not a fan of heights. Looking out of a window, it doesn’t seem that high, but when you climb a ladder it feels much higher. Also, do not attempt this if your ladder is not long enough, as it’s not safe to stretch at a height.

When putting your ladder up, do not rest it on the gutters. They are never really that secure, and are mainly made of plastic. Now, it’s going to be dirty so be prepared. A suit and shirt are not advised!

Start at the down pipe and work away from it. You might find it helpful to loop a plastic bag over the top of your ladder so that everything you collect can be disposed of easily.

If the down pipe is also blocked, you will need a long length of drainage rod, or alternatively a bamboo gardening stick works well. If you need to work around a corner, a stiff wire can be used – maybe a straightened wire coat hanger.

If this is a repetitive problem, maybe because you have trees very nearby, installing wire gutter covers prevents it from happening again.





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