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It’s our great people that make us different. And you’ll notice that difference every time you get in touch. There’s always someone you can talk to who really cares about you and your home.

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It’s all about the people

When we say we put people before profits’, we really mean it. We don’t have shareholders to pay and so all our profits can go towards making better value products for our customers and finding, training and keeping the best people to work with us. Meet some of the people who care as much about your home as you do.

Jon – Claims Manager

Jon“My whole team has a big responsibility to get things right and so we try really hard to sort claims as quickly as possible and to explain what’s going on every step of the way. Sometimes people are upset or anxious when they first talk to us and it’s a good feeling when we can get people out to help them. We get a lot of really good feedback from people who we help, and so that’s great too.”

Alex – Pricing and Reserving Analyst

Alex“In the Pricing Department, we have the interesting job of making sure we offer accurate and fair prices for members, so that we can balance covering members’ claims and giving them the best deal we can. As my first job out of university, Together has been a great place to learn and develop and I’ve really enjoyed working in a forward thinking and collaborative company.”

Chris – Marketing Director

Chris“Working out how we can give our customers the best value and researching what people really want is a great job. It’s not always easy but I think we get it right most of the time. I’m always here to answer any questions (from customers or staff) about how our insurance is worked out: why one house might be less to insure than another or how choosing a higher excess can lower your premium, for example.”

Angela – Call Centre Operator

Angela“I really enjoy working with Together Insurance. The calls are varied and it’s a pleasure helping customers to feel confident that the insurance they have is the right cover for them. It’s always nice to receive positive feedback from the customers, because I know I have done my job well.”



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